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14 марта
About the conference
For those who would like to be successful at work or in business in today's world, English is a valuable skill. The English used in business can be different to the English we teach. As well as teaching basic language skills, there are many business situations that might be unfamiliar to learners. They include interviews, meetings, presentations and negotiation. So, English for Business can help develop the language skills students need to communicate in a wide range of business situations.

What is English for Business? What business skills are essential in a digital economy? How far have business communication skills changed recently? What is the art of a small talk and what is its value? What are the features of a successful teacher of English for Business? Do role-plays effectively prepare for business communication? To find answers to these questions we have arranged the Trendy English online conference "English for Business" with the experts in teaching Business English and Gamification: Ron Morrain, Rob Howard, Kirsten Waelchoter, Ekaterina Chegnova, Elena Matveeva and Elena Peresada.
Rob Howard
Rob Howard is an active EFL Teacher and Neurolanguage Coach and training teachers to build their own freelance businesses as well as teaching Business English. He is Joint Coordinator for the IATEFL BESIG Web and Online Team, founder and past-president of the BRAZ-TESOL BESIG, Online and Video Coordinator for the Visual Arts Circle and has authored and coauthored several books for EFL as well as co-founder with Dorothy Zemach of the Independent Authors & Publishers.
Hybrid Educating: Becoming Tomorrow's Teacher Today

Most students who make the conscious choice to learn English are learning for their future in the workplace and to be better functioning global citizens. This adds a new dimension to the need for specialized content, context and communication ability. Because of this, today's students are making more and more demands on the profile of their teachers. Do they have a business background? Do they have business experience? As the market has been growing, many talented and devoted teachers have decided to tackle these skills without any background, training or plan for providing quality classes to meet the needs of tomorrow's professional.

Yesterday's English teacher is fast becoming a "Workplace Communication Trainer" requiring advanced communication skills while employing teaching, mentoring and coaching techniques. We are now offering a hybrid model with a focus on Career Readiness. The steps teachers could be taking to succeed in this new field will be discussed.

This talk will also look at some of the basic misunderstandings that have taken place within different groups of trained, expert educators, native and non-native alike, due to our own varying cultural backgrounds and offer up better methods to avoid potentially serious errors or miscommunications for ourselves and our students through examination of our own cultural voicing.
Ludmila Gorodetskaya
Доктор культурологии, профессор факультета иностранных языков и регионоведения МГУ им. М.В. Ломоносова, старший консультант Издательства Кембриджского университета.
Ron Morrain
Ron Morrain is the innovator of the concept *Ready-made Mind Maps *(RMMs), which facilitate TBL (Task-based Learning) and PBL (Project-based Learning), Content and language integrated learning (CLIL), Content-based Instruction (CBI), and Language Coaching sessions for L2 and L1 learners. He started promoting the concept in the early 90s in Germany, and has since been promoting the concept at conferences, universities, and teacher workshops throughout Europe - and worldwide. He is also the founder of the Business English Special Interest Group BESIG Russia, which had its debut in Moscow in 2019.
20 Ideas for Managing a Business English class for Adults

Working with adults in a Business English learning/teaching session can have its challenges, and present new teachers with situations that can lead to some bumps. In many cases, teachers mistakenly use the same techniques they use for teaching general English to teach Business English to adults.

What do teachers, who are working with adults in a Business English context, need to know to support their adult participants effectively, professionally, and to support their learner's to achieve their personal learning goals?

Based on the extensive research carried out on Adult Learning, this webinar will cover 20 basic ideas any teacher needs to know in order to have success in their Business English training session.
Elena Peresada
English teacher, a teacher trainer, game designer and a materials writer. She is the leader of Trendy English Community http://trendyenglish.ru/.

Role-Plays: do they Prepare for Business Communications?

A lot of Busness English teachers believe that role-play activities are important as they might help students become more confident and feel more relaxed in real life situations.
We have interviewed about 50 ex-students, who stated that there was a huge gap between role-playing in the classroom and real situations. Role-playing in the safety of a classroom can't help overcome anxiety and prepare for a variety of challenging and difficult situations. The reason is cortisol, a stress hormone, which hinders memory recall.
But stress can be beneficial. How to control stress and get out the most of 'good' stress with RPG (Role-Playing Games) techniques I'll explain in my talk.
партнерское выступление
Ekaterina Chegnova
Co-founder and Academic Director of Star Talk Language School, Business English Teacher with an experience of over 13 years, Business and Cross-Cultural Communication Trainer, Co-Author of an innovative Professional English course, EMBA degree.
Business English for Business People. How to teach them and create long-term productive cooperation?

I will dwell on modern trends in teaching business English. Share with you my experience and skills which I believe are essential for Business English Trainer. In addition I will provide you with practical training techniques from my EMBA education. See you there!
Kirsten Waechter
Kirsten Waechter has been a business English trainer since 1998. In addition to company courses, she focuses on teaching business communication, ESP and intercultural courses. She has been designing her own materials for print and online providers.
Teaching communication – what do we actually need to teach?

In this online session, I will look at how to teach spoken communication in the Business English classroom, and what that actually entails. Communication is the key interaction in international business, and many students are lost when they have to deal with unfamiliar accents or when they are not sure if they understood people correctly, or vice, versa, if they are understood correctly, too. So we need to ask ourselves: what helps our learners understand and what do we need to teach? Our learners often blame their own linguistic shortcomings for any failure of communication, but mastering the words and grammar is only one part of the situation. Mediation and clarification strategies, pronunciation and cultural issues as well as communication styles all play their part. Therefore, I will use practical examples from my own teaching experiences to point out some tools and ways how we can support our learners to communicate more effectively.

партнерское выступление
13:25 - 13:45
13:25 - 13:45
Elena Matveeva
Elena Matveeva is a Director of Studies and an English teacher at the Dmitry Nikitin School in Yaroslavl (Russia). She has been teaching adults, young adults and teenagers for over 20 years. Her interest lies in developing public speaking skills. Elena is a frequent speaker of international conferences in Russia and abroad, an active participant of seminars, webinars, courses and trainings.

How to take part in an international conference without financial investment (personal experience)

Have you ever given a talk at the international conference? One of the biggest conferences in ELT-community is the annual IATEFL Conference, and many teachers dream about attending it. How many teachers go ahead and make their dream come true? I am going to share my experience of taking part in IATEFL Conference as a scholarship winner. I hope that my experience will be useful to other teachers and will help them to become a speaker at IATEFL Conference next year.
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