March 28
Role-Playing Games
About the workshop
Teachers of English often use Role plays. They assign students roles - a waiter, customer, doctor or patient. Such Role plays are very useful for speaking, but teens are unlikely to get involved in them.
When we talk about Role-Playing-Games (RPGs) we do not mean Drama activities and Role-plays "In a café," "At the doctor's," which many teachers are familiar with.
RPGs are a special type of a game, which is an interactive story with only basic plot elements. Players describe their actions through narrative and this is how the story develops. The players make decisions based on their traits of character and special skills (they describe them in Character Profile at the beginning of the game). To see if players' decisions are successful or not, we use a 20-sided dice. A person, who makes a decision, rolls the dice and if the result is "successful" (e.g. from 15 to 20) his or her suggested action is a success, but if not – he or she fails and something bad happens.
RPGs are a good alternative to traditional speaking activities that we use in the classroom. As they are best played in small groups of 4-5 students they can be used as a quick-fix when half of your group is absent. They do not require lots of preparation and can be used as a low-resource consolidation activity to revise and recycle the language at any time.
Елена Пересада
Elena is an English teacher, a teacher trainer and a materials writer. She is the the author of StudyCraft methodology at and the leader of Trendy English Community
James Egerton
James is a Delta-qualified teacher and teacher trainer currently working at International House Rome Accademia Britannica. He studied French and Spanish at university before teaching in Spain for four years and Latvia for two, before arriving in Rome in 2018. As well as extensive experience with teens, he is a CELTA and IHCYLT tutor, and has presented several webinars and conference talks. He blogs on ELT at
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