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Students don't like textbooks. Can they be replaced?
If we look closely at a standard textbook unit, we will see that in general the exercises aimed at learning vocabulary are typical:

— Match words with the pictures
— Listen and repeat
— Fill in the gaps
— Make true sentences about yourself

All of them can be replaced with various interactive activities that students will be thrilled about
How to turn exercises into games
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What are the benefits of the handbook
for teachers and students
You spice up your lessons with interactive exercises
Students are more engaged into lessons
Sustainable Methodological benefits
You learn non-standard teaching methods
You start using game exercises
Students remember what they learned better
The authors of the handbook
"How To Turn Exercises Into Games"
Elena Peresada
Founder of Trendy English, game designer
English teacher with 24 years of experience, game designer, founder of Trendy English, the most popular conference for teachers in the CIS.

My team and I have released 40 successful English learning games with over 5,000 copies sold in total. I know everything about how to make lessons interesting and share my knowledge in this manual
Vera Sepeshvari
Teacher, game designer
English teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience in Russia and Hungary.

Design games with the Trendy English team since 2020. Implement game and theater techniques in teaching.
Thank you very much for the manual. Learned a lot. Students enjoy interactive lessons much more than textbooks
Tamara Larina
Lessons have never been so interesting and exciting. I gradually apply all the exercises and do see the effect
Vera Gorbacheva
Brilliant ideas for fun lessons. They brought variety to my teaching. The students love it a lot. In addition, I see that the repetition and consolidation of the material is much better
Julia Sanina
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