May 31, 2020
Timesavers for teachers:
how to cut down on lesson preparation time
online conference
About the conference
Planning and preparing resources for a class is an essential part of any teacher's life. It can be extremely time-consuming and a little stressful trying to prepare multiple plans for different classes with different needs and levels of ability. There are so many components of lesson planning- what to teach, how to teach it, how to engage students, how to differentiate, the list goes on and on. However, there are simple ways to plan more effectively that will save a lot of time in the long run.

Do you always want to prepare a lesson where all students enjoy a range of activities and that they interact together?
Are you worried that the time involved in lesson preparation often takes its toll?
What resources, services or applications can be used to cut down on lesson preparation time?

To answer these and other numerous questions Trendy English has arranged an online conference on 31th May «Timesavers for teachers: how to cut down on lesson preparation time».

The conference speakers will share a few approaches that can help spend less time planning lessons, and save up energy for the classroom.

Join us at the conference and get advantage of the best practices of timesaving first-hand!

May 31, Sunday
10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Moscow time
Evgeny Usachev
ELT teacher, a teacher trainer and a Vice President of the Moscow International Academy. He also heads the Post-graduate Studies Teacher Training Department at the Academy. Evgeny specializes in providing trainings and seminars on how to teach adults and use digital products in ELT.
Save lesson preparation time with online resources

Figuring out how to get it all done is a challenge for all teachers. Sometimes it will feel like there are simply not enough hours in the day. It is estimated that between 20 and 40 percent of the 50 hours that a typical teacher currently works a week could be saved through existing modern technology. That could ultimately help relieve teacher burnout. In this talk we will look at different online services and resources that teachers can take advantage of preparing for their lessons.
Ekaterina Redkina
Ekaterina is a psychologist, English teacher, teacher trainer, and Cambridge Assessment English presenter. She is Fulbright alumni, CELTA and Delta holder. Ekaterina is currently working with students at the faculty of psychology at Moscow State University, with middle- and high-school children, and adults. Her primary interests are CLIL, professional and content-specific English, psychology for EFL teachers, material design, and teaching online.
Universal activities or how to stop reinventing the wheel

It's not a secret that teachers spend hours on lesson preparation, and sometimes it might take even more time than the teaching itself. In this session I will share my favorite materials and activities that may be effectively used at different ages and levels to save you precious time for something else on your teaching or personal list.
Eleonora Kruzhkova
Teacher and teacher trainer with more than 15 years of experience, education games designer. She has experience working as a teacher, teacher trainer, freelancer, school owner.

Eleonora blogs about teaching and exam preparation in Instagram @linorik_ and runs YES Territory language centre in Mytishi and creates resources and online-courses for teachers.
5 TimeSavers for Checking Homework Online

Have you ever noticed that checking homework can be even more time-consuming than lesson preparation ?
An effective teacher also can not afford to spend much time on checking homework during the lesson.
Teaching online makes the process of checking homework and giving feedback to your student much more interesting and motivating!
I'm going to share some resources and tips which will definitely make your life easier and help you to engage your students!
Antoine Marcq
Antoine Marcq is a teacher, teacher trainer and material creator. He co-founded the material studio Resource Education and the teacher training center English Connection with Tom Wiseman. Their mission is to provide teachers with quality tools and efficient strategies to perform their work in the best conditions and provide the best results to their students.
Efficient Lesson Preparation and Effective Teaching

Time sometimes feels like it just slips away? Our job is a vocation and our dedication to quality education can drive us to sacrifice too much of our personal time. Can we make lesson preparation more efficient without losing quality and dedication? I know we can! We have a job to do and we have tools to help. In my talk, we are going to streamline lesson preparation by building our toolbox. We are going to go over methodologies, types of activities, classroom management, and how to streamline our choices when preparing for a lesson.
This simple approach starts with understanding our goals for a lesson, picking the right tools to reach that goal and putting together a solid lesson plan efficiently that will help students reach that goal.
Elena Sarnavskaya
Teacher and a teacher trainer with 10 years of experience. Elena holds DELTA certificates obtained in Moscow and London.
Templates. Templates? Templates!

Did you know that you can create a template for EVERYTHING? Of course not! :) But many things can be carefully prepared for with the help of certain digital tools and your imagination and experience. Templates save a lot of time when you plan lesson sequences, activities and... well, what else do you need? :)
Tatiana Tsvetkova
Tatiana has been teaching young learners and very young learners for more than 15 years and she's particularly passionate about working with them. The main focus of her work is on cognitive development and language skills. She started as a teacher of English, ADoS and then developed her career as a center Director.
How to teach Young Learners online. Ideas and Tips for successful classes

In this session you will explore techniques for teaching English Young Learners (TEYL) Online. You will learn about lesson preparation and time management. Нow to create not only effective but also fun and engaging lesson, activities and tools that can help children hold attention, getting them to speak, collaborate and use functional language, sites and resources that can help you to save time for preparation.
Alexey Konobeiev
Alexey Konobeiev holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics and is a teacher-trainer, author and editor of a number of textbooks. Alexey works as Academic Director at Skyeng and as the Editor-in-Chief at Titul Publishers. He regularly gives webinars for teachers at, Pervoye Sentyabrya and Prosvescheniye and has presented at numerous Trendy English events and conferences
Student-designed tasks: bringing out stidents's creative potential and saving teacher's time.

Teachers sometimes spend hours creating tasks for students. We will look into ways of helping students to create tasks for each other at different levels, and at ways of using such tasks in online and offline learning
Ludmila Gorodetskaya
Candidate of Philology and Doctor of Cultural Studies, Professor of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies, Lomonosov Moscow State University. Ludmila works as Senior ELT Consultant in the Representative Office of Cambridge University Press in Moscow.
To hit four birds with one stone: multifunctional approach to teaching English in contemporary materials

One of the ways of saving class time without reducing the effectiveness of classes is using a new generation of teaching materials that tend to be multifunctional. The examples will be considered from the newest Cambridge publications 'Power Up' and 'Open World" that serve as General English courses for Primary and Secondary school learners, exam preparation materials, multicultural awareness resources and, what is very important today, develop 21st century skills systematically on the basis of the new Cambridge Framework for Life Competencies.
Elena Kurganskaya
ТKT Graduate, LCCI Examiner, PTE YL and PTE General Examiner, Langugage.Prosveshcheniye methodologist, , ESL Teacher Trainer
ESL Teacher, DOS of summer linguistic camps, DOS of private linguistic schools
Minimize your lesson preparation by automated homework checking and recommendations

Imagine never having to grade a paper or queue for the photocopier again. Imagine never sitting late at night and trying to figure out about what your students are finding difficult. How to provide extra support for your students outside the classroom when you're not around? In this talk we'll discover what can save you time with grading, how to store all of your course content in one place and how to organize easy online class management.
Tatiana Sokolova
Tatiana Sokolova is a teacher, teacher trainer and course developer
CELTA, TKT, BEC Higher, PTE General L5 (C2 CEFR) Certificates holder, PTE Examiner and Master-Trainer, LCCI Examiner, State Examinations Expert
Personalized learning: time-saving or time-consuming?

It is a commonly recognized fact that personalization is an integral part of a successful communicative lesson. Utilizing your students' interests, ideas and experiences to teach languages forms the bases for Humanistic methodology, facilitates building rapport, increases students' confidence and motivation, brings life and authenticity in the classrooms.

Personalized activities are sometimes viewed as demanding and time-consuming, requiring extra preparation time from teachers. In my presentation I will try to prove that the outcomes outweigh the efforts and share some practical ideas on how to turn time-consumers into time-savers.
Matt Vesty
English Teacher, Teacher Trainer (Trinity Diploma TESOL) from Birmingham, United Kingdom. He has lived in Moscow for more than 6 years teaching English, training teachers. Matt currently works as a Director of Studies at a language school
Turning activities into meaningful tasks

Research supports using tasks in the classroom as a way of supporting second language acquisition. However, creating focused, meaningful and engaging tasks from scratch can often be time consuming. In this session, we will discover what defines a task and how it is different to an activity, why tasks are important, and how to create meaningful tasks from uninspiring coursebook activities in a quick and easy way.
Irina Kulina
Canva+Padlet - Tools and secrets to make tasks interactive

Our students expect us to surprise them every day. So let me teach you some of my tricks and secrets how to add a tinge of sparkle to your lessons without spending hours on getting ready.
Elena Peresada
English teacher and game educator, material writer, leader of Trendy English Community.
Gaming Vs Gamification – Is There A Difference?

Everyday a lot of teachers use games in the classroom and say that they gamify their lessons. But games are not gamification. Gamification and games help to engage students, motivate them to succeed, and inspire them to achieve their true potential. But there are notable differences between these two popular approaches.
In this talk, I'll compare and contrast gamification versus games, then highlight the benefits of using them in your teaching practice..
Maria Tainkina
English teacher, material writer, coauthor of Smart English Games, online methodologist at "Smart" school of foreign languages
Grab - and - Go teaching tools for an effective revision lesson

Having once experienced the workload of 200+ hours a month, I've become a fan of non-stop search and creation of versatile teaching tools that help to save a ton of lesson preparation time. For instance, it's often a challenge for a teacher to put together an interesting revision lesson where multiple unconnected topics might be used. I'll be happy to share some highly adaptable ideas and ready-made solutions that will help you save up your time and energy for the classroom.
Graham Stanley
Graham Stanley is the British Council's English for Education Systems Lead for the Americas. He is editor of Remote Teaching (British Council, 2019), author of Language Learning with Technology (CUP, 2013), and co-author of Digital Play: Computer Games and Language Aims (Delta Publishing, 2011). Graham is also Newsletter editor for the IATEFL LTSIG.
Online Escape Room Games for ELT

An escape room is an adventure game set within a confined space in which players solve puzzles to unlock the door. Online escape room games lend themselves particularly to language teaching and include elements of interactive storytelling and role-playing games. During this workshop, we will look at designing an online live listening escape room game for language learning. First you will be invited to play an escape room game and then I will present ideas of how different elements such as puzzles, props, and codes can be combined to produce a stimulating game and which can be adapted to maximize the practice of English.
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