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Неделя 1
Teambuilding activities for teens
Катерина Сташевская
Hard to motivate, shy, self-conscious... These teenagers are so hard to teach! Unless you build your group into a team.
In this session, we will look into B. Tuckman's stages of team formation in the classroom context and discuss teambuilding activities most suitable for every step.
Highly Effective Ways to Motivate Your Teens
Артем Морозов
This webinar is for "soft" teachers who don't know how to put their teens under control. After this workshop you will know how to build sustainable classroom environment, comfortable for all students to learn and develop. It will be interesting for both rookie and experienced teachers suffering from difficulties with classroom management and misunderstanding. The webinar in numbers: 50 tips to eleminate wrong behaviour models. 26 tools to motivate your students. 9 real cases with efficient solutions.
English in Summer: How to imply surprise pedagogy principles to teach on holidays.
Петр Степичев
You will learn:
- how to surprise students at the lesson,
- what we can do to create students focused environment,
- what games can be played outside.
We will walk around summer immersion course premises and peep in the most interesting places.
Неделя 2
Whole brain Teaching. Attention Getters
Ирина Кулина
The last days of school, when sun is shining and the only fun classrooms can offer is called "exams", every teacher at least once heard this word "boooooooring!"
Whole Brain Teaching - is a new method in ELT. It came from the USA as a way to deal with kids that are not that eager to study.
The more I teach my students, the better I understand the depth of this method. Gamification, group and pair work, classroom management, you name it. Pressed in time, I will talk about the the basics of WBT and share my experience with you
Как превратить в игру все аспекты обучения английскому языку
Елена Пересада
Студенты-подростки не любят заниматься по учебнику, грамматические упражнения и тексты для чтения навевают на них тоску. Как повысить вовлеченность студента, и с минимальными затратами сделать свой урок интересным?

На вебинаре мы разберем несколько примеров трансформации обычных упражнений и заданий в игры и игровые активности.

Вы по новому посмотрите на свой учебник, и ваш урок никогда не будет скучным.
Cuisenaire Rods for English lessons
Елена Сарнавская
Most English teachers have heard about Cuisenaire Rods, but there is not much information about how to use them. They are often believed to be a tool for teaching young learners but they are, in fact, much more than that. Rods can be used to teach any age group or level. In this webinar, you will be shown a wide range of activities that involve Rods and that you can introduce to your classroom: for teaching vocabulary, grammar, listening and even writing.
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